Cooperation between AMEX Alloys Private Limited IronFoundry Division & Metal-Castings and More GmbH

Discover the synergy of expertise and quality with AMEX Alloys and Metal-Castings and More GmbH, a partnership dedicated to pioneering the future of iron casting. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every gray and nodular iron casting produced in our ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016 certified facility. Together, we're setting the standard in the industry, one cast at a time.

About Us

Decade of Excellence: AMEX Alloys & Metal-Castings and More GmbH

For over ten years, AMEX Alloys and Metal-Castings and More GmbH have been at the forefront of the iron casting industry, combining expertise in machine and hand mold casting to produce superior gray and nodular cast iron. With a monthly capacity of 600 tons and a commitment to ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016 standards, our operation showcases the strength of our 151-member team in delivering quality and innovation. MCM uses decades of industry experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to offer unprecedented casting solutions, from diverse casting processes to CNC machining. The cooperation between MCM and AmexIrons was consolidated in the area of iron casting. Our partnership embodies a shared vision of excellence and drives us to meet our customers' evolving needs with precision and reliability.

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Precision Casting: Molding Excellence from Simulation to Final Touches

Tool design and model making

The production of high-precision casting molds starts with magma flow simulation to optimize the filling processes. Following this, the development of mold plates and models is undertaken, tailored precisely to customer specifications, such as the Amex design. The development of feeder and sprue systems is crucial for efficient material flow control. Models are not only constructed externally according to specific design requirements but are also regularly maintained in-house. This maintenance includes the upkeep of models and core boxes, as well as their dimensional inspection, ensuring consistent high quality in the cast pieces.

Molding systems

Our foundry features a high-pressure moulding line by Savelli, Italy, with a mould box size optimized for components up to 500 x 500 x 300 mm and unit weights of 30 - 80 kg. The ARPA300 handles smaller flasks and units up to 25 kg, while our CO2 process accommodates hand mold casting for items up to 800 kg. Core manufacturing is bolstered by fully automatic sand preparation (120t capacity), an automatic 1200kg sand mixer, and stringent quality controls. For cores up to 10 kg, we use cold box core shooting machines, supplemented with external purchases for specific "Shell Core" requirements.

Core creation

Our hand mold casting process starts with fully automated sand preparation, able to handle 120 tons, ensuring consistent sand quality for molding. An automatic sand mixer processes 1200kg batches, while strict quality controls guarantee the integrity of our sand. Cores up to 10 kg are made with a cold box core shooting machine, then conditioned in our dryers and ovens. For specific "Shell Core" parts, we opt for high-quality external purchases, complementing our in-house capabilities.

Melting operation

There are a total of 3 induction ovens, including 2 x 500 kg and 1 x 750 kg (500 KW). The melt is transported by crane, for machine mould casting using a monorail system, and by electric overhead crane for hand mould casting.

The downstream process, the plastering, is carried out completely in-house; sandblasting machines and various grinding equipment are available (orbital, table and angle grinders are available).

The heat treatment furnace has a capacity for 2t of material.

Processing according to drawing

We prefer to offer machined castings. There is a comprehensive range of machinery and appropriate measuring equipment available for this purpose. If, in exceptional cases, processing is not possible in-house, qualified processing companies can also be used.

Social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Support for educational opportunities and projects to improve livelihoods


Promote local, Paralympic and Olympic sports activities


Elimination of hunger, poverty and malnutrition


Health promotion by provision of clean drinking water and sanitary facilities


Equal rights and measures to reduce social and economic inequalities


Contribution to national socio-economic relief funds development and relief and welfare of tribes, and other minorities


Disaster relief, including help, rehabilitation and reconstruction measures


Promoting environmental sustainability, protecting ecosystems, conserving natural resources, and preserving soil, air, and water quality.


Safeguarding national heritage through the restoration of historical sites and art; founding public libraries; and funding and enhancing traditional arts and crafts.


Contribution to research and development projects in the areas of science, technology, engineering and medicine

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