The history of MCM-Casting

The qualified toolmaker Gunter Zepp studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim. After his studies he gained important experience in different areas. After work preparation, material disposition, machine programming he applied for the technical acceptance of safety valves. As a works expert in the field of valves, he was appointed to various standards committees. For several years he was in charge for the technical acceptance for safety and control valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, hydrants as well as oval wheel and water meters.

As head of quality, Gunter Zepp was responsible for all approvals, such as ISO 9000, KTA, ASME. His area of responsibility also included destructive and non-destructive testing. A special chapter was the approval and certification of suppliers and the qualification of foundries. His enthusiasm for casting technology and the machining of castings was evident at an early stage and continues to this day.

He was able to use this acquired knowledge with great success when setting up castings purchasing in Asia for a large pump manufacturer.

Foundation stone

In 2006 Gunter Zepp laid the foundation stone of our company and represented several foundries from Asia as an independent agent. Primarily, larger customers in Europe were successfully served.


Gunter Zepp quickly realized that many smaller companies did not want to or could not take the step to sourcing in Asia. The idea for MCM Castings was born.


With years of extensive experience as well as solid expertise, Metal-Castings and More GmbH (MCM) was founded in 2010. Since then, MCM takes over the entire logistics area for its customers up to the delivery "free house".


We continue to grow and have big ambitions. In 2017, Ms. Maria Munjic joined the team and was appointed as the second Managing Director in 2020.

MCM Castings and More GmbH Guss- und Schmiedestahlteile Produkt PortraitMCM Castings and More GmbH Guss- und Schmiedestahlteile Produkt Nahaufnahme Portrait

MCM Castings today

Today, the MCM team is the first point of contact for numerous companies when it is a matter of reducing costs by switching to cast materials. A central part of the daily work is the selection of suitable materials. Whether steel casting, stainless steel casting, iron casting or non-ferrous casting, today MCM can offer the appropriate casting processes for a wide variety of components.

In the area of foundries, forges and machining shops, there is an immense consistency and a highly developed technical infrastructure. In India in particular, an excellent network of qualified partners has been built up in recent years.

In logistics, there is a trustful cooperation with well-known forwarding agencies, with whom the entire transport, including import to Germany/EU, is organised. Air and sea freight are carried out with equally high competence, whereby sea freight is mostly carried out in whole containers. These usually contain goods for different customers, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation for each. Visits to the manufacturers take place several times a year. This allows us to monitor the quality and delivery dates on site. We at MCM are contact persons and problem solvers for our customers.


Current news – the exciting world of industry

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We were at DIAM 2023 in Leipzig

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