15 years experience for your projects

With our many years of experience, we provide you with comprehensive advice and support for your projects. In close communication, we work together to find the most suitable casting and manufacturing processes, always ensuring the best possible offer so that your costs remain manageable. In addition to taking care of shipping and import to Germany, we always keep an eye on all dates and deadlines. In order to supply you with high-quality components and guarantee a smooth production process, we uncompromisingly take care of quality assurance on site in India and are in permanent exchange with our partners.

In the process, we reliably manage all product requirements and history. Compliance with your requirements is our top priority. Therefore, it is also a matter of course for us at MCM to offer you a comprehensive service from development to delivery of your parts.

In addition to the use of suitable materials, we advise you on the appropriate manufacturing processes and are always your contact for all design-related questions. Based on a well-founded analysis of your requirements, we develop concepts for the implementation of your components together with our partners in the foundries. We will gladly take over the creation of a casting drawing based on your finished part drawing.

Our production sites are primarily selected companies. We have concluded confidentiality agreements with each company in order to guarantee your safety. The components produced according to customer specifications and drawings are packed directly at the manufacturer's and handed over to the forwarding agent commissioned by us. The forwarding agent takes care of the air freight or container shipment to Europe. In addition, we organize the import into the EU and the onward transport to the customers efficiently, economically and quickly.

All Services

All round solution – from development to delivery of your components

From Consulting to Manufacturing Processes

As a reliable partner at your side, we provide you with comprehensive advice on the manufacturing processes we offer for the further processing of cast and forged steel. Together we look at what requirements you have for your components and, based on a comprehensive analysis, decide on an economically efficient casting and manufacturing technique that ensures you a high-quality end product. From investment casting to sand casting to free-form forging, you can rely on our professional qualities.

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Supporting Your selection of materials and material grades

We support you with our professional know-how in the selection of suitable materials to produce customised components. In doing so, we consider individual factors such as the area of application of the finished component and its loads, and are guided by shape, weight, size and the nature of the surface. Whether steel castings such as carbon steel or duplex steel, cast steel such as spheroidal graphite cast iron or grey cast iron or metal castings, together we find exactly the raw material you really need for the high-performance result and long service life.

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Supporting your construction and engineering

Numerous factors must be taken into account in the production of castings, and you also have specific ideas about what a component should achieve in the end. The design requirements are extremely complex. We will be happy to help you with any questions about individual solutions and advise you in detail about efficient and realistic options.

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Development of casting drawings

As a full-service company, it is a matter of course for us to support your personal ideas in a project. Based on your finished part drawing, we create a detailed casting drawing with all the important data you need. During the design process, we work together to create the perfect basis for your castings. An optimal design and precise arrangement guarantee an efficient execution based on your ideas. The most modern design software is used for the casting drawing. Take advantage of maximum process reliability.

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Partner and certification

All our partners are certified according to ISO 9001. Furthermore, certifications according to the Pressure Equipment Directive PED/ AD-2000 W0 standard are ensured. Ship approvals such as LRS, DNV-GL, BV, ABS are also available. We select all our partners according to the highest standards, fulfilment of all requirements and component specifications.

  • Selection of possible manufacturers according to material and process suitability
  • All suppliers are approved and certified according to ISO 9001
  • Certification PED 2014/68/EU & AD-2000 W0
  • Marine Approval, e.g.LRS, DNV-GL, BV, ABS
  • „NORSOK-Certification“ for den Off-Shore Application
MCM Castings and More GmbH Guss- und Schmiedestahlteile Produktsammlung Nahaufnahme PortraitMCM Castings and More GmbH Guss- und Schmiedestahlteile Produkt 3D Rendering Portrait
MCM Castings and More GmbH Guss- und Schmiedestahlteile Gießerei Beispiel 4MCM Castings and More GmbH Guss- und Schmiedestahlteile Produkt Nahaufnahme Portrait

Comprehensive Services

We take over the entire deadline monitoring for samples and series parts. If desired, sample parts can also be accepted on site at the supplier's premises. The organization of transports and import processing is a core element of our service. We offer sea and air freight as well as handling by courier service or rail - from small packages to container deliveries.

  • Documentation of prototypes
  • Serial production
  • Quality control
  • Permanent contact for questions about the products supplied
  • Expediting of delivery dates
  • Organization of air freight for samples
  • Organization of Sea transports for bulk parts
  • Import to Germany and Europe
  • Transport to customer’s warehouse

Different processing stages

We offer you components as raw or machined parts according to your needs. Various processing stages are possible - pre-turned, finish-machined, polished, rolled, phosphated.

Depending on the material, suitable processes for corrosion protection are implemented: Pickling and passivating or e-polishing for stainless steel, corrosion protection oil, zinc dust primers, lacquering or phosphating for steel and iron products.

  • Delivery of castings as raw castings or pre-machined or finished castings
  • Delivery of castings with corrosion protection, e.g. paint coating, oil corrosion protection or phosphatized
  • for stainless steel pickled and passivated version

Most of our partners are based in Asia, predominantly India. Sustainability is an important issue for us. Many of our partners operate photovoltaic plants to cover their energy needs. In addition, there are participations in wind farms - predominantly on the west coast of the country.

All employees on site are regularly trained in first aid, fire protection and occupational safety. PPE (personal protective equipment) such as work safety shoes, hearing protection and other equipment is provided for the workers.

MCM Castings and More GmbH Guss- und Schmiedestahlteile Produktsammlung Nahaufnahme Portrait

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